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where is your boy tonight,i hope he is a gentlemen [entries|friends|calendar]

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3 why am i always hurt by you?

[12 Jun 2005|03:00pm]

new Lj..

so add me





i know gay so shut up..


3 why am i always hurt by you?

[12 Jun 2005|11:40am]
well hey

me and nina are okay i guess.
i was just mad i dont hate her.
but yeah today i might chill w\kari
im not sure..
and have fun heck yesss.
i gotta call her around like 2...
so yeah .. but
im so happy megan is back in town
megan ask your mom if me and you can hang out now..
just say we wont do it again..PLEASE.
i wanna hang out again..
i love you.
just say we will chill at ur house now..lol
not mine...
so yeah we g2g peace..
ME and megan are Home girls\Niggerss fo'lyfe..

1 why am i always hurt by you?

[11 Jun 2005|05:05pm]

last nite i slept ova karrissa's

had a blast..

we watch beauty and the beast aww i love that movie

and i love karrissa.

we played  super nintendo(sp?) all nite long it was fun

now i g2g peace



why am i always hurt by you?

[09 Jun 2005|09:04pm]

well hung out with karrissa all day long.
had a good time gossh i love her
i ♡  her so much..
haha but i love bryan more..haha sry karrissa.

g2g im eatin ribs hahah

i ♡ you all if you comment..

1 why am i always hurt by you?

[09 Jun 2005|12:05pm]

well if anyone didn't know its sasha's birthday.. so this goes to her...

Have a happy happy happy happy birthday and i wish you all the wishes and make it a special birthday and make sure no one ruins your day and i just want to say I ♡ you so much!!! and i wish i can see you on ur birthday so have a happy birthday and i love you...




2 why am i always hurt by you?

[08 Jun 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | :-{ ]


 god im so bored,

nothing to do just got done talkin to rj online..

haha they are so gay online damn...

but i love him as a friend...



But Now I ♡ Bryan so much... i wanna be with him so much..

it hurts to see him cuz i know he dont love me anymore and he dont

care but thats his choice not mine im not making him love me or like me..

its all up to HIM.....so yeah

g2g nina wants to go online so peace out




1 why am i always hurt by you?

[08 Jun 2005|04:28pm]
[ mood | God lord!! ]

well today i was home alone for a few hours..

so i wanted to lay out so i layed on the trampoline.

i got alittle red on my back but thats it..

so yeah..

karrissa is soo awesome i love her...

so yeah g2g call karrissa..



why am i always hurt by you?

[07 Jun 2005|09:48pm]

hey everyone

today i  hung out with my lovely karrissa

we had so much fun bein gay.

we tanned on the trampoline for a while then we wanted to get wet so we went slip -n- sliding on the trampoline

now that was fun then we wanted to be like niggers so we went into a baby pool and just sat there cuz their was no room to move hahahaha gossh we are so black..

well g2g im talkin to karrissa on the fone..


why am i always hurt by you?

[07 Jun 2005|11:02am]
[ mood | happy ]

hey well nothing much went on in my life.

 i just been bonding with my mommy i love her<3

we were being niggers last nite dancing..

and everyone its was so funny.

b\c lori had all her friends over so my mommy was bein crazzzzy.

but i dont know i called bryan last nite got to talk to just him.

not gay rj or kyler(sp?)... but me and bryan only talked for 10 mins

but i was suppose to call him back at 12:30am or 1:00 but I forgot hahahaha

 so i will call him today and maybe hang out wit him i have no clue yet.

Damn i love him ♥ but, he is too busy missing out. so yeah

but enough of bryan.

im so bored

and i miss everyone like crazzzy...



dear mom and dad i'll send money im so rich it aint funny well it ought be a enough to get you threw hahah i love that song..


well peace out or call my cell 931-1664

1 why am i always hurt by you?

[06 Jun 2005|12:32pm]

well yesterday me and lori went to get sum food..

i got taco bell haha like a nigger

and the rest of the family got pizza

so lori decided to put the pizza is the back seat like a nigger

and she wanted to act like it was her child so she buckled(sp?) up the pizza haha

i was like lori its just a freakin pizza dang.. dont buckle it up..lori was like shut up its my

pizza child...gossssh isn't lori just plain weird...

hahah peace

but god i love her ♥ we be sister fo'lyfe..



why am i always hurt by you?

[05 Jun 2005|01:01pm]
[ mood | so sad...♥ ]

well im bored, nothing to write so im writing anything.

damn its gonna rain so bad in a couple mins..hahahaha

i love bryan so much ♥  

i wish he loved me back, but enough with this cuz i wont have him. :{

 god i miss everyone right now i kinda wish i was still in school.

when i say "i love  him" i know this love is 4 real but, i guess he dont think that.

god today i was listenin to the backstreet boys i dont know why either but, i was...hahaha

so yeah but, i better go cuz my power will probably go out soon...so yeah

u can call me on my cell if ya want or beep beep me

so see ya

2 why am i always hurt by you?

[05 Jun 2005|12:14am]

New Layout.

i find this myself heck yess.

well today i just hung out w\karrissa and andre and had a good time.

tomorrow maybe karrissa's again haha i love her house..

well g2g peace



I still ♥Bryan :{

♥ all of you...


pull the trigger and see how much   P*a*i*n* I'm in...

call the cell 931*1664

beep beep~158*23*29581


why am i always hurt by you?

[04 Jun 2005|11:52am]
[ mood | hehehehehhehe ]

Hey i've just been chillen wit Karrissa heck yesss she is so awesome..

summer 2005 rocks ass so far.. i love this summer all the summers i had were so sucky but this one is like so awesome. damn.

man im listenin to this awesome song called "oxy cotten" but, its like a slow version of it. bryan got me listen to this version heck yessss.

well karrissa called i think she wants me to cum ova so i better call her back so peace out


call my cell whenever 931-1664 or leave a message if i dont answer.. iight u should see my voice mail pietra...hahaha u would like it..hey little mama lemme wisper in yo eye tell you sumthing that you like to hear.... hahahahahha ♥~ i love you pietra~♥ ...

why am i always hurt by you?

[03 Jun 2005|05:47pm]
[ mood | <3 ]

last nite i hung out with my lovely karrissa and her sister and of course ronald and dillon
i had so much fun hahah rite karrissa..
fuck bryan he aint worth it.. im not ova him but he is bein so fuckin gay.
so yeah im just saying FUCK HIM. hahaha pietra i love the rims.. im gettin sum soon heck yesss.
im digging the rims cuz your just o0o so fuckin pretty when do u wanna chill again name the day and we will...pimp pimp...i miss all my mother fuckin friends from school...
and i really miss rozalina.. i miss her we better chill really soon my dad and mom miss u oo0 so much. just tell me when ur not busy and i'll invite u over. heck yesss  



peace or call my cell


2 why am i always hurt by you?

[01 Jun 2005|02:28pm]
[ mood | <3 miss him lots ]

well last nite i hung out with bryan,rj,travis,andre,and this ppl named alex. i had a pretty good time. me and bryan=not together yet.i love him more then he can ever think of loving a person. last nite i gave bryan a couple piggy back rides cuz he wanted me to but i was like if ya touch me sumwhere i will drop u so he touched me so i dropped him but then he kept gettin on my back like a bunny lol gossssh i love that kid... damn i wanna go back out with him as much as he dont want to go out with me i guess. damn but g2g peace

4 why am i always hurt by you?

[31 May 2005|03:27pm]
[ mood | <3 ]

as you know i got my cell finally.the number is 931-1664 heck yesssss im so happy so yeah call me on my cell. im so bored i've just been thinkin who i like and i came to my sense's and the only boy i love is fuckin Bryan.. damm yes bryan omg. i cant get over him like i said damn i wanted to but its hard i mean i know he wont go out with me cuz he thinks i like to many ppl but i wish he can just know I DONT LIKE ANYONE ANYMORE. i dont like stephen anymore, me and him are just friends and i bet thats the farest we will go.but,idk im in love with that boy named bryan haha he DONT like me i know that for a fact i wish he did though. i would be the happiest person alive if me and him went back out and were the greatest couple. and if we actually acted like a couple and not sum ppl going out and never talk or do anything together. man i miss them days when we were going out. i know i talk bout him 24 fuckin 7 but i fuckin love him to much. god sumone tell me wats wrong with me? but im gonna go so yeah call me on the cell
so peace out

3 why am i always hurt by you?

[31 May 2005|11:12am]



so call me or add me into urs..

then im me and tell me ur number


why am i always hurt by you?

[30 May 2005|07:23pm]
slept ova karrissa's last nite then around 11 this morning we went with her famil to this pool.
it was awesome i got more sun burn heck yesss. i love her but i also love pietra too.
she is my homegirl..
pietra we will chill again call me tomorrow or anydat..

1 why am i always hurt by you?

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey [29 May 2005|08:00pm]
well yeah
i just home from pietra's. we had so much god i love her, i love hanging out with her.
she took pics of wonderful me heck yesssssssss. Pietra i love you lots.. i love her house damn.
her sister has a freakin chicken omg...me and pietra are gonna have fried chicken heck yess pietra.
damn we went to the beach today omg naynay actaully went to the beach HECK yesss i did omg im kinda pretty red damn, i miss everyone already i really do.
well im sleepin ova karrissa's tonite..
i wasn't suppose to sleep out again but idk..

2 why am i always hurt by you?

[28 May 2005|06:57pm]
hey im juat chillen with pietra at her house i slept ova last nite and im going to tonite then we are gonna chill at the beach tomorrow heck yesssssss.
i love her she is pimped.. then maybe tomorrow nite she is gonna sleep ova and we are gonna have ppl ova so yeah g2g..peace

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